Fast Electric Scooter 2019 Review

Fast Electric Scooter 2019 reviewed by minimotors, here we give you a brief idea of the difference between popular brands on the market.

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get is:

What is the fastest electric scooter?

Here’s the simple answer: There are reports of multiple home-built DIY models that have a top speed over 100 mph.

However, these are probably not the safest models available and I must say that would be pretty inconvenient. Especially if you would accidentally push the throttle and take off in 100 mph by accident.

No, you probably came here with the intent on finding a high-speed electric scooter that you can actually buy and use. Even if they don’t reach 100+ mph, the models below deliver a fast but even more important safe ride.

The 4 fastest electric scooters that you can actually buy in 2019

NameSpeedDistanceWeight(incl battery)
Dualtron Thunder50 mph80 miles94 lbs
Zero10X40 mph70 miles77 lbs
Qiewa Q135 mph60 miles55 lbs
Razor E30015 mph12 miles(for a kid)54 lbs

Dualtron Thunder – Really powerful electric scooter motors

The Dualtron Thunder is definitely another contender among the fastest and most powerful electric scooter on the market right now. Boasting 2 x 1200W motors(total 2400W) with a combined peak power of 5400W. It can deliver up a speed of up to 50 mph. You can ride for about 80 miles on a single charge if you don’t go full throttle all the time.

Built by the experienced Singapore company Minimotors you can rest assure that this scooter does not only deliver insanely high speed but it does so while being comfortable to ride and safe. As safe as an electric scooter that does 50 mph can be. It is a heavy-duty unit and weighs in at 95 lbs.

It’s nothing for the faint-hearted and except needing big balls to ride it, you also need tick pockets as it costs almost $4,000.

Its sibling the Dualtron Ultra has the same spec’s but comes with a different set of tires as that is an electric scooter made for off-road riding.

Zero 10X – 40 mph stand up electric scooter

We are still in the premium class and this is one of my favorite scooters. Cheaper than the above mentioned, hard to find, but man does it look good.

The Zero 10x will give you an excellent ride up to 40 mph and depending on the battery size you choose it can deliver a driving distance of up to 70 miles. It weighs in at around 77 lbs meaning its just 10 pounds under the winner of our test.

Apart from being delivered with two chargers to decrease the time needed for a full recharge, it has multiple different features that will provide you with a very comfortable ride.

On top of that, it also has one of the sickest designs I’ve seen in a long time. Definitely worth a consideration if you can settle with a scooter that is super fast and not super mega fast.

Qiewa Q1 Hummer – Fast daily commuter model

The Qiewa Q1 hummer has something that the above models are missing, and that is moderation. Most people who commute love this scooter because it provides you with a comfortable and stable ride that can go for up to 60 miles on a single charge.

It has the perfect speed limitations for commuters set at 35 mph. You can ride around effortlessly around 20-25 mph commuting your way, knowing that if and when you need it there is more speed to be had.

Another perk with not having the world’s fastest model is that it weighs a lot more. Smaller motors equal a lower weight added to the scooter. The Q1 hummer has a weight of 55 lbs which makes it at least a bit easier to work with.

One of our favorites for the daily user who wants something above the average.

E300 or E-prime – Fastest Razor electric scooters

Razor isn’t known for producing fast electric scooter models. The fastest Razor electric scooter model is the E300 or the new model called E-prime, both having a not so impressing top speed of 15 mph.

With both of the above scooters, you can get about 7-12 miles of riding, which should reflect a riding time of about 40 minutes.

The new Razor e-prime scooter has a new far more appealing design in comparison to the older models. It also looks a bit more modern and up to date. Thankfully they are finally switching over to lithium-ion batteries and hub motors in order to create lighter and more user-friendly units.