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Dualtron Thunder

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 Thunder+ is available!

 5400W Dual Motors (50mph max)

 60V2072Wh LG Battery (80 miles distance)

 Hydraulic Brakes

 Anti-brake System

 Adjustable Ruber Suspension

 Wide Tubeless Tires

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The All-New DualtronThunder!
Hear me Roar!

Ultimate series of the 3rd generation Dualtrons!

Double the Power!

Bldc dual hub motor

MAX 5400w

Safety Multiplied!

World's first eScooter with ABS

Ultimate ABS Brakes!

Modular Wheel System

Completely separable Motor and Rim

Easy Wheel

Li-ion battery pack

Battery pack

60V2.1kW 35Ah

3-step angle adjust, 5 rubber cartridge replacement types

Variable Suspension system

MAX 15 Settings

Better Grip, Easy Fix

Ultra wideon road tubeless tire

Tubeless Tire


Completed with top technology upgrade

we did not compromise for the perfect quality

All New 9 step Variable Suspension System

Replaceable Suspension cartridges with five types of rubber strengths

Fully Separable Wheel and Hub Motor structure

Wide 10-inch tubeless tire

Improved Double Action Zoom Caliper Brakes

Luminous handle bar & under board mood lamp illumination system with controller

New EYE throttle System

Smart Fingerprint Recognition Security System (Optional)

New foldable handlebar

Standard Handle Folding Lock

Excellent frame finish and durability

Improved Sealing for better outdoor protection

The Safest Samsung Battery Pack from Korea

Dedicated light mount (Optional)

ABS Brakes for a safer ride

Unrivaled power generated by dual motors!

Distillation ofdouble drive technology from Minimotors, creator of the World’s first two-wheel eScooter drive system! 3rd Generation Dualtron dual drive motors- Experience the power!

Unrivaled power generated by dual motors!

The height of the body can be adjusted by changing the angle of the suspension arm. With 3 different level settings, adjust the arm angle to suit the riding environment and the weight of the rider for optimum ride comfort.

Transform your ride with your own style!

5 types of Suspension Strength with replaceable Rubber Cartridges

You can easily replace the suspension rubber cartridges to adjust the strength of the eScooter suspension your liking. The rubber cartridges are graded for differentlevels of elasticity. (Available for both front and rear suspension)

A fantastic combination of easy wheel system and ultra- wide tubeless tires!

Easy Wheel System & Super Wide Tubeless On Road Tire

With fully detachable hub motor and tubeless 11-inch ultra-wide on-road tires, tire, rim, and hub motor can be complet`ely separated, allowing easy replacement and maintenance of parts.The ultra-wide on-road tubeless tire provides a stable drive, with high ride comfort, and easy maintenance.(Patent pending)

Stop safely with an Anti-Lock Brake System!

Built-in 3rd generation Dualtron hydraulic brake

The application of hydraulic brakes enable braking with less effort and excellent braking power, while retaining stability in speed control.

Caution: If the braking force decreases due to damage of the oil hose, loosening of the brake lever, or oil leakage, stop operation immediately and have it checked at your nearest service workshop.

Anti-Lock Brake System as Standard

All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking, resulting in tire skids, sudden stops and loss of control, causing the rider to fall off and get injured.

In order to solve the problem of wheels locking up during emergency braking, the ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the eScooter over a short distance.

Third Generation Dualtrons are equipped with ABS brake function as a standard feature to eliminate tire locks, allowingriders to brake more safely. (Patent pending number : 10-2018-0045825 )

Precautions when using ABS function

The ABS provides a series of braking impulses when applied. Due to the nature of ABS, the brakes are operated many times per second, causing vibrations to the eScooter motor and body. Repetitive vibrations caused by this may cause the motor, rim and other parts to loosen over time. Always check your eScooter to ensure that all parts are secured before riding.

A star that outshines the brightest stars in the night,the 3rd generation Dualtron will light up your life!

LED Illumination System

With a striking built-in LED light system integrated to the steering tube, stem base, and under board mood lamps, you can light up the night with brilliant LED effects while increasing your visibility, thus reducing the risk of accidents while riding at night.

Smarter control at your finger tips!

The new EYE throttle system

All 3rd Generation Dualtrons and above are equipped with an original smart EYE throttle system designed by Minimotors. Overcoming the drawbacks of existing throttles, the EYE throttle has been designed for improved functionality and intuitiveness and styled for elegance in design.

Protect your ride with your personal biometrics security system!

Minimotors Smart Fingerprint Identification Security System(MS-FISS)

Developed jointly by Minimotors&CrucialTec, 3rd Generation Dualtronsare equipped with an optional smart fingerprint security system which was officially unveiled at the world's largest Mobile World Congress (MWC2018) exhibition.

(The Smart fingerprint reader is compatible only with the new EYE throttle system)

3rd generation Dualtron folding system provides better portability.

New Fold and Lock Mechanism New Foldable Handlebar Design

The new handlebars can be folded easily using the Quick Release levers, tucking in to make the eScooter more compact.

New Handle Post Lock

The folding lock mechanism locks the handle stem in place when folded, making it easy to handle and transport. (Not applicable when a saddle bracket is mounted.)

Frame Designed with Completeness and Durability in Mind

All frames including swing arm, suspension arm, stem base and handle bar have been redesigned to enhance the durability and completeness of the product.

Main Power Switch

To maintain the battery life,the Dualtron III has its own built-in robust main power switch with dust seal cover, which can significantly reduce standby power consumption.

Dust Sealing Cover for Motor & Brake Cables

In order to further ruggedize the product, and to prevent damage from the elements, cable connections are protected with a dust seal.

The Safest 100% Domestic Samsung SDI Lithium-ion battery pack

As a standard of our dedication to quality and safety, our Dualtrons are powered by the “Safest Lithium-Ion Battery-Pack” manufactured by Samsung SDI of Korea, which passed the Samsung SDI Customer Environmental Test (CET). With a high quality finishing of 1.2T steel powder coated hard casing, the battery circuit and cell are protected from hard knocks and shocks to ensure safe and undisrupted rides. (Picture shown is a Dualtron 3: 60V 35AH)


Unfolded: 1219*609*1238 mm (L*W*H)

Folded: 543*609*1238 mm (L*W*H)

Width(W): Max 609 mm,Min 319 mm

Important Notes!

Important Notes!
It is your responsibility to perform Periodic inspection on your eScooter!
Note all precautions and critical inspection checks to avoid breakdowns and accidents!
Please check the safety precautions and important inspection details of each product. Do familiarize yourself with the replacement cycle timing of consumable parts in order to maintain and use the product safely.


Precautions before use

(1)It is recommended that protective gear, such as helmets, gloves, knee and elbow protectors be worn while operating the eScooter.
(2)Please keep in mind that certain articles of clothing, bags, and shoelaces, and even long hair, may cause safety incidents if they are caught in moving parts like motors, wheels, or tires.
(3)Improper footwear that may interfere with safe operation, such as slippers, high heels, etc., are prohibited from use while riding the eScooter.
(4)It is prohibited to operate the eScooter under the influence of alcohol.
(5)The eScooter is to be ridden by one person. Please observe local laws on prohibitions on carrying cargo or extra riders.
(6)Do not engage in stunts or acrobatics that may cause product failure.
(7)Do not let water get into the product because it is not waterproof. Do not wash the product with water, leave the product in environments that would cause it to get wet by condensation, or drive on wet roads during rain or snowy weather.
(8)Be sure to hold the handle firmly with both hands while riding. Always hold the handle in such a way that you can immediately use the brake for unexpected situations.
Do not use the built-in DC converter for LED lighting or other

Lithium battery Precautions

(1) Only use original chargers from the manufacturer.
(2) Do not immerse the battery in liquids, attempt to disassemble, or modify the battery.
(3) Charge the battery in temperatures between 0 to 45°C, discharge normally between -20 ~ 60°C.
(4) When storing for a long period, charge the battery to 70-80%.
(5) In case of overheating, or if smoke or fire is detected in the battery compartment, immediately stop using or charging, move the product outdoors, and use a fire extinguisher.

Always Check!

Main Checks

(1)Before using the product, check the condition of all eScooter parts, such as motors, brakes, wheels, handles, chasis, etc.
Make sure all bolts and nuts are properly tightened.
(2)Replace the tires if damaged or worn out.
(3)Always check the air pressure of the tires before use. Tire air pressure must be maintained between 40 to 45 PSI.
(4)Always confirm that the brakes are working and check the condition of the brake pads (consumable item) before using the eScooter.
(5)If the brakes are loose or if the brake pads are deformed, check that all the nuts and bolts of the brake assembly are properly tightened. If the brakes cannot be adjusted, replace the brakes before use.

Canceling Cruise Control:

Cruise control mode can be canceled via throttling or by braking.

Precautions when using the cruise control function:

(1)When the cruise control function is activated, the cruise control can be cancelled when brakes are applied. Be sure to be riding in a position where you can use the brakes immediately.
In dual drive mode, when switching from cruise control to single drive mode, cancelling cruise mode using throttle is switched off, and can only be cancelled by braking.

Parts and Components Checklist

Acceleration Throttle
● Check if the acceleration throttle lever is operating normally.
● When pulling or releasing the throttle lever, it is necessary to operate it by bending or releasing the lever smoothly with your fingers.
● Do not pull the throttle too hard. If the throttle lever does not returned to the home position upon release, or is caught in position, immediately brake and stop the eScooter.
● Check to see if the throttle and casing fixing bolt are loose. Tighten where necessary.
Apply grease to keep smooth operation
Sliding Lock and QR Lever
● Check that the bolt of the sliding lock is properly tightened so that the handle post is not loose.
● After confirming that the stem lock and bolt are secured, push down the QR lever to tighten.
Folding section
● If the vehicle is being continuously driven or used outside normal driving guidelines, subjected to collisions, falls, and heavy equipment loading, mechanical parts (such as hinges, fixing bolts, etc.)can accumulate material fatigue and weaken due to stress and deformation.
● After a certain period of use, it is necessary to check all components and parts for wear and tear and replace as required.
(Please refer to Parts Replacement Cycle)
Front and Rear Suspension Assembly
● Check all bolts and nuts for looseness that can affect the performance of the suspension assembly.
● Be sure to replace parts with signs of fatigues such as cracks, deformation or discoloration.
● Suspension Rubber Cartridges should be replaced if the suspension is reduced.
● Elasticity of the rubber cartridges may vary due to the seasonal nature of the rubber material.
● Ensure that the handle bar is fully pulled out and locked in place before using.
Brake Cable Lever and Caliper Connection
● ECheck both ends of the cable for any external damages.
● If the cable does not work properly, replace it promptly.
Brake Lever
● Check the brake lever for damages after impacts from collisions or falls.
● If the motor cut-off wiring is damaged and the motor power cut off is affected, be sure to replace before use.
● Always check that the product has sufficient braking power.
Lower Hinge
● Make sure that the bearings are smooth.
Steering Tube
● Check all bolts and nuts on the folding section and the handle bar to make sure they are tightened.
● Putting excessive attachments (such as basket, bags, etc.) to the column and handle is prohibited. Excessive load on the steering unit can cause difficulties in steering which may result in accidents.
Fixing bolt
● Check that this is tightened
Side stand
● Do not use excessive force on the side stand as it may damage the product.
● PDo not stand on or ride the eScooter with the side stand extended as it may cause accidents.
ON / OFF Power Switch
● After use, always keep the power switch OFF and check if the power is correctly shut off.

Parts Maintenance and Replacement Cycle

Maintenance of Parts and Parts Replacement Cycle

The parts and components of your eScooter can be damaged by various factors. The life span of each part varies depending on riding habits and environments of use. Parts that exceed their service life may fail and cause accidents. Being familiar with the various parts and their replacement cycles, and performing regular checks will help to maintain your product in good working condition and to prevent safety incidents.

No Part Name Part location Replacement Cycle/km
1 LOWER HINGE Internal 2 years / 7,000
2 HIGHER HINGE External 3 years / 20,000
3 HINGE BOLT External 1 years / 5,000
4 STEERING TUBE External 3 years / 20,000
5 HANDLE STEM External 3 years / 20,000
6 SLIDE LOCKING External 2 years / 10,000
7 BATTERY Internal 2 years / 20,000
8 OTHERS Internal/External When damaged or deformed

Parts may experience fatigue failure depending on the driving environment and conditions of use. Always check for abnormalities even if there is no replacement cycle.

Inspection of external damage:
The time for replacement of parts is different according to different driving environment and usage method. If parts have exceeded their stated lifespan, or show signs of fatigue or weakness, such as deformation, cracks, discoloration, or signs of abnormality, please replace promptly for safety reasons.

Use and care tips : Lithium-ion battery

1. Only use the charger that was supplied with your product to charge lithium-ion battery. Use of an unauthorized charger could cause serious damage to the battery and can cause fire.
2. Charge lithium-ion battery within 0-45°C and discharge within -20-60°C. Charging and discharging the battery outside the appropriate temperatures may damage the lithium-ion battery.
3. Do not leave the lithium-ion battery in places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature. Do not store it in a wet environment. Always store it in a cool, dry place.
4. Charge lithium-ion battery in a dry, open, and well-ventilated environment. Do not charge the battery near inflammable goods.
5. In winter or cold weather, bringing the battery from outdoors to indoors may result in condensation due to difference of external and internal temperatures. In this case, do not charge the battery immediately but wait after the battery has warmed up to the surrounding temperature.
6. If the battery leaks, gives off an unusual smell, or if the protection circuit is damaged, contact the authorized service center immediately and get technical support.
7. Put lithium-ion batteries in a safe place out of reach of children and pets.
8. Do not reverse the polarity on a battery or short-circuit. Exposing the battery to excessive shock can result in explosion of battery.
9. Do not do stunts or jumps on the product or ride it on bumpy surfaces. Exposing a battery pack to excessive shock can result in the battery catching fire. In case of accidents, remove the battery from the product to check for damages.
10. Do not connect the charger when the product is wet as you may risk electric shocks or having the battery catch fire. Do not charge the battery in this case and have the battery inspected by an expert before charging.
11. Do not disassemble or incinerate lithium-ion batteries. To safely dispose of a lithium-ion battery, dispose of it as industrial waste and be careful not to short-circuit the terminals.
12. If the battery require replacement after long-term use, get the replacement through an authorized dealer. Normally, the discharge capacity of lithium-ion battery decreases more than 15% after 300 cycles of use.
13. Do not use the battery if it leaks or gives off an odor, or has short-circuits inside the battery pack. Lithium-ion is an inflammable material. Avoid charging the battery without proper care. Be careful not to overcharge the battery to prevent fire hazards.
Use only with the authorized and recommended battery and charger. Manufacturer and distributor cannot be held responsible for any damage of your product by using unauthentic battery and charger.

Essential Checklist Before Usage

Check your product daily for safe usage!

Brakes and Cable Check

● Before driving, make sure that the brakes works well and there is enough braking power. ● if the braking power of the brake drops considerably even during use, it should be sent for inspection and repaired immediately before continuing usage.
● Check the brake pad for signs of wearing down. Replace if necessary.
● Check that the brake cables are not loose, or damaged.
● Brake cables are consumable items that may wear down depending on the user's driving environment. When operating the brakes, pay attention to any signs of brake failure, in particular if braking feels irregular, or there are strange noises while braking. It is important to check whether the inner wire of the cable is partially broken, worn or deformed, etc. Repetitive folding of the handle may cause the cables to bend excessively and deform or even break.

Make sure that the bolts and nuts of brake fixture are properly tightened, and that there is no deformation or damage to the brake disc.

● Check the brake pad for signs of wearing down. Replace if necessary.
● Check that the brake cables are not loose, or damaged.
● Brake cables are consumable items that may wear down depending on the user's driving environment. When operating the brakes, pay attention to any signs of brake failure, in particular if braking feels irregular, or there are strange noises while braking. It is important to check whether the inner wire of the cable is partially broken, worn or deformed, etc. Repetitive folding of the handle may cause the cables to bend excessively and deform or even break.

Make sure that the bolts and nuts of brake fixture are properly tightened, and that there is no deformation or damage to the brake the replacement cycle timing of consumable parts in order to maintain and use the product safely.

Tire appearance and pressure check

● Tire air pressure must be maintained between 40 to 45 PSI.
● When the tire pressure is insufficient, the distance traveled becomes shorter and possibility of puncture and accidents increases.
Check all folding joints

● Always check the product thoroughly before use.
● Check that there are proper clearances for each part.
● Check that all bolt and nuts on each section, particularly the foldable joints and handles of the product are properly tightened.

Various factors can cause malfunction!

As with all machines, this product may fail due to a number of factors. The life span of each part may vary depending on usage, and parts that exceed the service life may be damaged and cause accidents. Brake cables, forks, and brackets, are consumables that can become worn or deformed depending on the riding conditions. Any deformation in the shape, appearance of cracks, or discoloration of a part is an indication that its life span has been exceeded. It is recommended that you visit the store for replacement and safety inspection.


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