Speedway 5

Speedway 5 is the first time to implement dual motor drive system in Speedway series. As a result, its peak power gets 3600W, doubled from Speedway 4.

Besides that, minimotors upgrade the front suspensions used from Speedway 2 to hydraulic type. With 70mm tubeless tyres, Speedway 5 provides unrivaled riding comfort.

Speedway 5 offers a maximum 75 miles driving distance with its high performance 1385Wh Li-on battery pack.

Explore more upgrades in Speedway 5!


Motor of speedway v


Max mileage of speedway v

40 mph

Battery of speedway v

60V 1385Wh

Tires of speedway v


Distances of speedway v

70 mi

Max load of speedway v

300 lbs

Climbing angle of speedway v


Weight of speedway v

62 lbs


Speedway 4

Speedway 4 upgrades its suspension system. Two adjustable hydraulic suspensions are added on the rear. Which is different from previous Speedway models only come with front suspension.

In the limited version, Speedway 4 implements 800W (1600W peak) motor and the largest 1586Wh battery with longer deck. In other words, it can provide up to 75 miles driving distance.

Additionally, Speedway 4 also has 10″ wheels, front and rear brakes, horn, brake and signal light. All of above makes your riding safer and more comfortable.


Motor of speedway iv


Max mileage of speedway iv

35 mph

Battery of speedway iv

52V 1586Wh

Tires of speedway iv


Distances of speedway iv

70 mi

Max load of speedway iv

280 lbs

Climbing angle of speedway iv


Weight of speedway iv

62 lbs


Speedway mini 4 Pro

Speedway Mini 4 Pro is small in size but packed with features. The 36v 10ah battery gives you maximum distance of 20miles and 16mph in speed and the 48v 16ah version that gives you a maximum distance of 34miles and 26miles in speed. Speedway Mini 4 Pro a great scooter be it your  daily commute to work or bringing it out for leisure. Dual suspension provides comfort and lightweight to bring it anywhere you go.

500W Motor  |  Max Speed 26mph  |  48V 760Wh Battery  |  32 miles Distance  |  Climbing Grade 12°  |

350W Motor  |  Max Speed 20mph  |  36V 375Wh Battery  |  16 miles Distance  |  Climbing Grade 15°  |


Motor of speedway mini iv

350W/ 500W

Max mileage of speedway mini iv

20 mph/ 26 mph

Battery of speedway mini iv

36V 375Wh/ 48V 760Wh

Tires of speedway mini iv


Distances of speedway mini iv

34 mi

Max load of speedway mini iv

265 lbs

Climbing angle of speedway mini iv

12/ 15°

Weight of speedway mini iv

36 lbs


Speedway Nano Pro

Speedway Nano Pro is one of the lightest electric scooter available. Made with aluminium alloy and carbon fibre weighing only 17.8lb. Equipped with a 250w motor with 600w peak performance and LG lithium ion battery, it is capable speed up to 17.5mph and distance up to 12.5miles.

Speedway Nano Pro design is light and sleek, it’s best to bring with you on your multi-mode commute.


Motor of speedway nano pro


Max mileage of speedway nano pro

17.5 mph

Battery of speedway nano pro

36V 240Wh

Tires of speedway nano pro


Distances of speedway nano pro

12.5 mi

Max load of speedway nano pro

250 lbs

Climbing angle of speedway nano pro


Weight of speedway nano pro

17.8 lbs