Dualtron 2 Limited

Dualtron 2 is the first electric scooter applies 60V power system which is different with Dualtron 1 and Speedway IV 52V. Therefore, more powerful motors can be used. The peak power of dual motors can get 3600W, so it can easily climb most of gradient you encounter.

Meanwhile, the battery capacity is upgraded to LG 1658Wh in Dualtron 2 Limted version. With large capacity battery, you can enjoy more than 65 miles each charge.

Because of Dualtron power and speed, it is aimed for adult electric scooter. Limited version has the longest deck which has the most comfortable experience during ride. And its maintenance is becoming easier, because minimotors design new structure for wheels.

Dualtron 2S is the cost-effective version of Dualtron 2. It keeps 60V power system but only has rear motor, and the battery is 1080wh which also can cover 55 miles as single motor consumes less power.

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Motor of dualtron 2


Max mileage of dualtron 2

40 mph

Battery of dualtron 2

60V 1658Wh

Distances of dualtron 2

65 mi

Max load of dualtron 2

310 lbs

Climbing angle of dualtron 2


Weight of dualtron 2

62 lbs

DT2 plus