Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder is the latest top scooter in Dualtron series. And it is also recommended as the best electric scooter by many review sites.

Thunder comes with dual 5400W motors and superior grade 2072Wh LG MJ1 cell Li-on battery same as Dualtron Ultra.

In addition, minimotors introduces the new hydraulic brakes, ABS system and tubeless tires for Thunder. With them, it is considered as the most comfortable and safe electric scooter for long distance (80 miles) travel under variety of conditions and road surface.

Now rider can quickly adjust the improved suspensions to comfortable level as different weight. Meanwhile, Thunder also offers 5 different rubber compounds for different seasons.

Explore all 15 improvements in Thunder!


Motor of dualtron thunder


Max mileage of dualtron thunder

50 mph

Battery of dualtron thunder

60V 2072Wh

Tires of dualtron thunder


Distances of dualtron thunder

80 mi

Max load of dualtron thunder

330 lbs

Climbing angle of dualtron thunder


Weight of dualtron thunder

82 lbs