Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder is the latest top scooter in Dualtron series. And it is also recommended as the best electric scooter by many review sites.

Thunder comes with dual 5400W motors and superior grade 2072Wh LG MJ1 cell Li-on battery same as Dualtron Ultra.

In addition, minimotors introduces the new hydraulic brakes, ABS system and tubeless tires for Thunder. With them, it is considered as the most comfortable and safe electric scooter for long distance (80 miles) travel under variety of conditions and road surface.

Now rider can quickly adjust the improved suspensions to comfortable level as different weight. Meanwhile, Thunder also offers 5 different rubber compounds for different seasons.

Explore all 15 improvements in Thunder!


Motor of dualtron thunder


Max mileage of dualtron thunder

50 mph

Battery of dualtron thunder

60V 2072Wh

Distances of dualtron thunder

80 mi

Max load of dualtron thunder

330 lbs

Climbing angle of dualtron thunder


Weight of dualtron thunder

95 lbs

thunder plus


The All-New DualtronThunder!
Hear me Roar!

Ultimate series of the 3rd generation Dualtrons!

Double the Power!

Bldc dual hub motor

MAX 5400w

Safety Multiplied!

World’s first eScooter with ABS

Ultimate ABS Brakes!

Modular Wheel System

Completely separable Motor and Rim

Easy Wheel

Li-ion battery pack

Battery pack

60V2.1kW 35Ah

3-step angle adjust, 5 rubber cartridge replacement types

Variable Suspension system

MAX 15 Settings

Better Grip, Easy Fix

Ultra wideon road tubeless tire

Tubeless Tire

Completed with top technology upgrade

we did not compromise for the perfect quality

All New 9 step Variable Suspension System

Replaceable Suspension cartridges with five types of rubber strengths

Fully Separable Wheel and Hub Motor structure

Wide 10-inch tubeless tire

Improved Double Action Zoom Caliper Brakes

Luminous handle bar & under board mood lamp illumination system with controller

New EYE throttle System

Smart Fingerprint Recognition Security System (Optional)

New foldable handlebar

Standard Handle Folding Lock

Excellent frame finish and durability

Improved Sealing for better outdoor protection

The Safest Samsung Battery Pack from Korea

Dedicated light mount (Optional)

ABS Brakes for a safer ride

Unrivaled power generated by dual motors!

Distillation ofdouble drive technology from Minimotors, creator of the World’s first two-wheel eScooter drive system! 3rd Generation Dualtron dual drive motors- Experience the power!

Unrivaled power generated by dual motors!

The height of the body can be adjusted by changing the angle of the suspension arm. With 3 different level settings, adjust the arm angle to suit the riding environment and the weight of the rider for optimum ride comfort.

Transform your ride with your own style!

5 types of Suspension Strength with replaceable Rubber Cartridges

You can easily replace the suspension rubber cartridges to adjust the strength of the eScooter suspension your liking. The rubber cartridges are graded for differentlevels of elasticity. (Available for both front and rear suspension)

A fantastic combination of easy wheel system and ultra- wide tubeless tires!

Easy Wheel System & Super Wide Tubeless On Road Tire

With fully detachable hub motor and tubeless 11-inch ultra-wide on-road tires, tire, rim, and hub motor can be complet`ely separated, allowing easy replacement and maintenance of parts.The ultra-wide on-road tubeless tire provides a stable drive, with high ride comfort, and easy maintenance.(Patent pending)

Stop safely with an Anti-Lock Brake System!

Built-in 3rd generation Dualtron hydraulic brake

The application of hydraulic brakes enable braking with less effort and excellent braking power, while retaining stability in speed control.

Caution: If the braking force decreases due to damage of the oil hose, loosening of the brake lever, or oil leakage, stop operation immediately and have it checked at your nearest service workshop.

Anti-Lock Brake System as Standard

All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking, resulting in tire skids, sudden stops and loss of control, causing the rider to fall off and get injured.

In order to solve the problem of wheels locking up during emergency braking, the ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively stopping the eScooter over a short distance.

Third Generation Dualtrons are equipped with ABS brake function as a standard feature to eliminate tire locks, allowingriders to brake more safely. (Patent pending number : 10-2018-0045825 )

Precautions when using ABS function

The ABS provides a series of braking impulses when applied. Due to the nature of ABS, the brakes are operated many times per second, causing vibrations to the eScooter motor and body. Repetitive vibrations caused by this may cause the motor, rim and other parts to loosen over time. Always check your eScooter to ensure that all parts are secured before riding.

A star that outshines the brightest stars in the night,the 3rd generation Dualtron will light up your life!

LED Illumination System

With a striking built-in LED light system integrated to the steering tube, stem base, and under board mood lamps, you can light up the night with brilliant LED effects while increasing your visibility, thus reducing the risk of accidents while riding at night.

Smarter control at your finger tips!

The new EYE throttle system

All 3rd Generation Dualtrons and above are equipped with an original smart EYE throttle system designed by Minimotors. Overcoming the drawbacks of existing throttles, the EYE throttle has been designed for improved functionality and intuitiveness and styled for elegance in design.

Protect your ride with your personal biometrics security system!

Minimotors Smart Fingerprint Identification Security System(MS-FISS)

Developed jointly by Minimotors&CrucialTec, 3rd Generation Dualtronsare equipped with an optional smart fingerprint security system which was officially unveiled at the world’s largest Mobile World Congress (MWC2018) exhibition.

(The Smart fingerprint reader is compatible only with the new EYE throttle system)

3rd generation Dualtron folding system provides better portability.

New Fold and Lock Mechanism New Foldable Handlebar Design

The new handlebars can be folded easily using the Quick Release levers, tucking in to make the eScooter more compact.

New Handle Post Lock

The folding lock mechanism locks the handle stem in place when folded, making it easy to handle and transport. (Not applicable when a saddle bracket is mounted.)

Frame Designed with Completeness and Durability in Mind

All frames including swing arm, suspension arm, stem base and handle bar have been redesigned to enhance the durability and completeness of the product.

Main Power Switch

To maintain the battery life,the Dualtron III has its own built-in robust main power switch with dust seal cover, which can significantly reduce standby power consumption.

Dust Sealing Cover for Motor & Brake Cables

In order to further ruggedize the product, and to prevent damage from the elements, cable connections are protected with a dust seal.

The Safest 100% Domestic Samsung SDI Lithium-ion battery pack

As a standard of our dedication to quality and safety, our Dualtrons are powered by the “Safest Lithium-Ion Battery-Pack” manufactured by Samsung SDI of Korea, which passed the Samsung SDI Customer Environmental Test (CET). With a high quality finishing of 1.2T steel powder coated hard casing, the battery circuit and cell are protected from hard knocks and shocks to ensure safe and undisrupted rides. (Picture shown is a Dualtron 3: 60V 35AH)


Unfolded: 1219*609*1238 mm (L*W*H)

Folded: 543*609*1238 mm (L*W*H)

Width(W): Max 609 mm,Min 319 mm