Dualtron Ultra

Dualtron Ultra is one of the highest performance off road electric scooter there is. It comes with a superior grade 2072Wh LG MJ1 cell Li-on battery, and which can last up to 80 miles after fully charged.

With the massive 5400W powerful dual motors and 3.9″ wide 11″ off road tires (can change to on road tires), Ultra can run with high-grip on the dirt road. And easy to climb nearly any gradient you likely encounter.

Ultra version 2 applies new designed axis in rubber suspension, so you will have the most comfortable and smooth riding experience on the high speed.


Motor of dualtron ultra


Max mileage of dualtron ultra

50 mph

Battery of dualtron ultra

60V 2072Wh

Distances of dualtron ultra

80 mi

Max load of dualtron ultra

330 lbs

Climbing angle of dualtron ultra


Weight of dualtron ultra

82 lbs

ultra plus