Dualtron X

The Dualtron X is crowned as the new king of electric scooters. It raises the bar of road worthiness personal commute to a whole new level.

The beast is equipped with a steering dampeners and adjustable suspension, which delivers stable and smooth ride wherever you are. Another enhance security feature, the new EYE throttle disable and lock up the motor to prevent theft.

Dualtron X comes with a 60v LG battery totaling 3078WH. Ultra-wide 13 inch wheel with powerful motor delivers a max power of 6720 watts. Hence, it is the most powerful and longest distance electric scooter, up to 120miles.

Look inside through video!


Motor of dualtron raptor


Max mileage of dualtron raptor

50+ mph

Battery of dualtron raptor

60V 49Ah

Tires of dualtron raptor


Distances of dualtron raptor

120 mi

Max load of dualtron raptor

330 lbs

Climbing angle of dualtron raptor


Weight of dualtron raptor

140 lbs