Longest Extended Warranty

We offer the longest extended warranty for e-Scooters. Extended Warranty can be bought at time of purchase for any of our E-Scooters.

Please note that warranty services cover manufacturing defects, and does not cover consumables, wear and tear, or damages due to accidents or improper use.

Batteries are covered by the following chart:

Minimotors Lithium Battery Pack Warranty Guide

Warranty Total mileage Application Method
Within 6 months From purchase date Within 180 miles Free replacement
From 180 ~ 1800 miles Payable 9 USD per 62 miles

Example 1:

Within 6 months after purchase/ If there is a problem with battery at 175 miles total mileage.

Total mileage is less than 180 miles, a new battery can be replaced free of charge.

Example 2:

Within 6 months after purchase/ If battery problem occurs at 620 miles total mileage.

90 USD is paid out for 620 miles.